Sunday, July 28, 2013

Let's Work: Plus-size Career Wear

 Image Credit: Lane Bryant
Finding the right work appropriate yet not boring outfits can be daunting and annoying. Who likes to shop for things they know they’re only going to where to work? Business casual with no jeans allowed and Business formal dress codes annoy me. I like dressing nice, but I HATE being told how to dress. And no jeans????? What is this 1969? I can’t. Jeans have a come a long way and are a staple in my life. There should be no reason why I can’t wear jeans when I sit at my desk all day and no clients or customers are seeing me. But, I digress. No matter what office environment you work in, there are lots of options out there to look professional yet trendy.

First, every women needs to have the career wardrobe staples. These are classic items that can be mixed and matched as foundations for any outfit. They are:
  • White button-down blouse
  • Black blazer (preferably tailored to fit perfectly)
  • Black dress pants (preferably tailored to fit perfectly) 
  • Pencil skirt
  • Nice pair of jeans (for casual Fridays)
  • Black pumps
  • Nice pair of flat shoes
  • Cardigan
  • Shift dress

Once you have these items you can mix and match and always be good to go.

Below are my top 10 picks for places with the best career wear:
1. Lane Bryant
4. Evans

5. Kiyonna

10. Torrid
What other stores did I miss?

Workwear Staples

Outfit of the Week: 7.28.13

This week's outfit needs a disclaimer. I forgot to take my iPhone out of my front pocket, so no I don't have strange rectangular boobs. That is annoying me, but, I love this dress and LOVE those shoes so I posted it anyway. I am obsessed with this style of dress. The smocked waist, collared shirt dress look is flattering and easy to put on in the summer. I have about 4 of these dresses...I know, its a problem.

The dress is from Ross. They have several of them so check out your local store! Also a similar dress at Old Navy.
The shoes are from Aldo. They are canvas peep toe drawstring wedges. I got them a few years ago and recently found them under my bed lol. Sadly, I don't see these on their site anymore.
The chunky block necklace is from Forever 21.

I wore this look to work and took the pic outside the building. Yea, as you can tell our office building is the perfect colorful backdrop *rolls eyes*.

What do you think of this look?

Friday, July 26, 2013

Sexy Lingerie For Your Curves

 Image: Frederick's of Hollywood
Ok, let’s talk lingerie. We’re all adults here right? Ladies there’s no reason to NOT be sexy for your man and sexy for yourself JUST because you have more curves and such. I don’t know about you, but I feel sexiest when not only are my clothes, hair and nails are on point, but also when my undergarments are as well. And when it comes to the bedroom, who DOESN’T want to feel and look sexy. Being a plus-size diva doesn’t mean ugly oversized lingerie that hides everything and has no shape. Upgrade your lingerie! Trust me, your man will thank you.

Now even though I’m fairly confident there are still some things I don’t like showing. I’m sure everyone has their parts they’d love not to emphasize and the ones that they’d like to. Below are my top picks for  lingerie that are figure flattering and oh-so-sexy for a variety of shapes.

OOOOOOH SHE.BETTER.WERK. This gown is just toooo sexy. This shows just enough. Love this!

Hips and Curves has some of the best plus-size lingerie options around. I love this look. This is holding everything tight and in place and giving them the sexy with that garter. Can't go wrong with this one.

Lane Bryant is my go-to spot for all things undergarments. I just love their fit and I know I can grab my size and go without trying on. This animal print corset smooths you out. The leopard print is so sexy. Very fun!

This is HOT. I'm in love with this. The chiffon and the lace in all the right places is sure to be a hit. 

I had no idea swimsuit e-tailer Always For Me sold lingerie! This is a great traditional babydoll look. I love babydolls because the hide and skim. This one is so cute and feminine.

Did I miss a place that has hot lingerie? Send me your favorites!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Outfit of the Week: 7.18.13

Fresh from vacation in Myrtle Beach! Had a blast with mom dukes. But, now it's back to reality (BOOOO). Even though it was JOHN BLAZE HOT outside, I did manage to look cute one day without looking a hot sweaty mess lol. Keeping with the black and white trend that has taken over the skreets this summer (yes I said skreets), I rocked the outfit below during the day. The maxi dress below it I rocked for our evening activities. Both were so easy to wear and comfortable, although I wish my jeans were shorts (ITS FREAKING HOT!).

 This black trapeze tank I've had for like 3 years. I love that shirt. It hides my gut and goes with basically anything. You can throw it on and look like you made an effort when you so didn't. I got it from Target. Similar here

The skinny jeans I bought a few months ago from now closed (sad face) Eloquii. I'm so mad that they shut down last week, but I'll save my rant for another post. Similar jeans here

And I have a long story about what I went through to obtain those sandals, but I got them from Aldo. Cop them here

Oh and if you're wondering about my sunglasses I bought them on the Atlantic City boardwalk last summer at one of those random shady shops lol.
 I got this dress from Ross or TJ Maxx, I forget. But the brand is called Shelby & Palmer. Couldn't find it online except one on Ebay lol.

My neon wedges are from Old Navy but from 2011, so here are a similar pair elsewhere.

And my "gold" hoops are from Forever 21 (in-store) similar here.

Let me know your thoughts!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Top 5 Sites for Plus Size Swimwear

We are right in the thick of summer. It is John Blaze Hot around the country and you know you wanna cool off by the pool or on the beach. There is no excuse anymore for big girls not to be fly at the beach. We now have more options than ever to look good in the hottest swimwear styles. No matter your shape or your style there is something out there for you! Below are my top 6 favorite sites to shop for swimwear.

Always for Me
I LOVE Always For Me. Check me out in their twist front bandeau swimsuit above. I've had it for 2 years and its still holding up well. This suit is so flattering and comes in a variety of colors. They have a large selection of on-trend styles and they aren't too expensive.

Monif C.
Monif C. has THE HOTTEST SWIMSUITS IN THE GAME. Hands down, I am always in awe of everything she puts out. Her swimsuits are edgy, unique and HOT!

I was so overjoyed when ModCloth launched their plus size line. Their swimwear collection definitely does not disappoint. I love the retro pin-up look of the majority of their styles. Release your inner pin-up girl.

This indie designer brand is doing it way big with their swimsuit line. The bold colors and prints just scream SUMMERTIME & FABULOUNESS! You will look like a true diva in these suits. I know their models better WERK!

Swimsuits For All

Swimsuits For All has been in the headlines due to their line of swimsuits designed by fashion blogger Gabi Fresh. Her suits sold out in minutes! Swimsuits For All weren't even ready for all the curvy girls that wanted to be fierce at the beach this summer. They have a huge selection of swimwear in a variety of price points in sizes. There's something for everyone - hence the name.

Where do you shop for your swimwear?

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Outfit of the Week: 7.9.13

Occasionally (once a week) you will be subjected to seeing me in my various fabulous outfits. Well, only the ones that are deemed fabulous by moi. I have my days when I look like blah. You shant be seeing those outfits.

Below I'm rocking my curly wash 'n' go fro and a neon orange dress from Walmart's line by Tina Knowles (Yup, Beyonce's mom). Yes I said Walmart. And I'm not afraid to say it was $7 on clearance *BOOM* be jealous. I love this dress. Is it the best quality? NO. But, it doesn't look cheap and its right on point as far as trends go. The Tina Knowles Collection has a few gems and this is one of them. It's a little sheer so I had to wear an all black spanx/cami combo underneath. I'm rocking my Dolce Vita knockoff sandals courtesy of Target (pronounced Tar-Jay), which I looooove.

I bought this dress in 2011, when I was 20 pounds heavier and could not fit it, but I can now fit it *yay*. I wasn't passing up getting this dress for $7, it just motivated me to lose some damn weight. I said all that to say, it is no longer available on (womp, womp), BUT Ashley Stewart has a similar dress if you are interested in rocking the look.

Have you bought anything from the Miss Tina line?

Friday, July 5, 2013

Celebrity Husband of the Week: Donnie Wahlberg

For those of you who know me personally, you know I call my celebrity crushes my husbands. And they are ranked. Yes, I am 13-year-old boy because I rank my crushes (don't judge me). The top 3 very rarely ever changes.  So it is no surprise to you then that I chose my #1 husband, Donnie Wahlberg, as my first Celebrity Husband of the Week. This blog is mostly about fashion and entertainment news, but we all know there is nothing wrong with some eye candy. Heeeeeeey!

I catch a lot of heat for loving Donnie Wahlberg. People ask me, what about Mark? To that I say, What about Mark? Don't worry, he's on the list too, around #6. But, nothing compares to Donnie's personality and swag. SWAG IS EVERYTHING! Plus, he is super nice to his fans, funny, and HOT! Mind you he is about to be 44-years-old and STILL rocking the 6 pack abs. He kills it on CBS's Blue Bloods (the #1 show on Friday nights, thank you) and is currently doing the damn thing on tour with NKOTB, Boyz II Men & 98 degrees...the infamous tour of which I was able to grab his leg and some of his pinky at the Philly show.

 Ladies...Enjoy the sexiness that is Donnie Wahlberg.


Congrats to Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington is one of my FAVORITE actresses. If you're a Scandal gladiator like me raise those hands high! If you're not watching Scandal GET YOUR LIFE! Kerry has a round of congrats in order as she is not only gracing the August 2013 cover of Vanity Fair BUT also she secretly got married to NFL player Nnamdi Asomugha. The media was so set on creating an off-screen affair between Kerry and Scandal co-star Tony Goldwyn (if it was me we'd probably be having an affair...just saying *so sexy*) that they completely missed who she was really dating.

WHY is this Vanity Fair cover so special? Kerry is the first Black woman to grace the cover of Vanity Fair in SIX YEARS! WTF?? I can't with the magazine industry. Really? There were NO Black women suitable for your cover in SIX DAMN YEARS??? I can't. I don't know whether to tell people to rush newsstands to buy this issue to let them know yes people of ALL colors DO by magazines when Black people are on the cover or to tell people to read it in Barnes and Noble without buying it to boycott them. Probably the former as I see that as being the only way they'll get it is by making money, sadly.

Read more about the Vanity Fair issue over at HuffPost
Read more about her marriage here

Will you be checking out the new issue of Vanity Fair?

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

BET Awards 2013 Fashion Re-cap

The BET Awards went down Sunday night and I must say it was the best show in a while. I was definitely two-stepping to Uncle Charlie Wilson and my jumpoff Justin Timberlake in my living room. I almost threw my panties at the screen during Robin Thicke's performance (was his wife Paula HIGH???). Kevin Hart and Jamie Foxx had me cracking up. I also lost about 3 pounds while twerking to the Dancehall segment. I can't help it. Elephant Man has that effect on me. The performances were good overall, aside from a few mishaps like Mariah Carey's lip-synching (cue side eye). But, my favorite part of the show, of course, is watching everyone arrive on the red carpet and being Joan Rivers in my head and critiquing via Twitter of course. Seriously, I don't know how I watched award shows before Twitter. Anywho, below are my picks for best dressed. 

Amber Rose



Marsha Ambrosius


Tamela Mann


Meagan Good

Nicki Minaj - She has REALLY gotten her style together

Image credits: Getty Images

Did you watch the BET Awards? Who did you think was best dressed?
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