Friday, July 5, 2013

Congrats to Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington is one of my FAVORITE actresses. If you're a Scandal gladiator like me raise those hands high! If you're not watching Scandal GET YOUR LIFE! Kerry has a round of congrats in order as she is not only gracing the August 2013 cover of Vanity Fair BUT also she secretly got married to NFL player Nnamdi Asomugha. The media was so set on creating an off-screen affair between Kerry and Scandal co-star Tony Goldwyn (if it was me we'd probably be having an affair...just saying *so sexy*) that they completely missed who she was really dating.

WHY is this Vanity Fair cover so special? Kerry is the first Black woman to grace the cover of Vanity Fair in SIX YEARS! WTF?? I can't with the magazine industry. Really? There were NO Black women suitable for your cover in SIX DAMN YEARS??? I can't. I don't know whether to tell people to rush newsstands to buy this issue to let them know yes people of ALL colors DO by magazines when Black people are on the cover or to tell people to read it in Barnes and Noble without buying it to boycott them. Probably the former as I see that as being the only way they'll get it is by making money, sadly.

Read more about the Vanity Fair issue over at HuffPost
Read more about her marriage here

Will you be checking out the new issue of Vanity Fair?

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  1. Yay Kerry! I am happy for you! I guess this guy is acceptable...I mean he is no Mr. President but he will do.


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