Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Outfit of the Week: 7.9.13

Occasionally (once a week) you will be subjected to seeing me in my various fabulous outfits. Well, only the ones that are deemed fabulous by moi. I have my days when I look like blah. You shant be seeing those outfits.

Below I'm rocking my curly wash 'n' go fro and a neon orange dress from Walmart's line by Tina Knowles (Yup, Beyonce's mom). Yes I said Walmart. And I'm not afraid to say it was $7 on clearance *BOOM* be jealous. I love this dress. Is it the best quality? NO. But, it doesn't look cheap and its right on point as far as trends go. The Tina Knowles Collection has a few gems and this is one of them. It's a little sheer so I had to wear an all black spanx/cami combo underneath. I'm rocking my Dolce Vita knockoff sandals courtesy of Target (pronounced Tar-Jay), which I looooove.

I bought this dress in 2011, when I was 20 pounds heavier and could not fit it, but I can now fit it *yay*. I wasn't passing up getting this dress for $7, it just motivated me to lose some damn weight. I said all that to say, it is no longer available on Walmart.com (womp, womp), BUT Ashley Stewart has a similar dress if you are interested in rocking the look.

Have you bought anything from the Miss Tina line?

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