Tuesday, August 6, 2013

H&M Online Shopping is Here!

It took 2 years to develop, but H&M has finally launched e-commerce in the US. Welcome to the 21st century! Not only that, BUT plus-sizes are available. WOOHOO!! I love the clothes at H&M, but have not been able to fit into their largest size since 2003. H&M has made a few sad attempts at plus-sizes in the past. I will never forget the pathetic 2 racks of only white peasant tops and tees and boring jeans that was the plus-size section of H&M when I was in college. Yea, um, try again. But, the selection they have online so far is a decent. It would be nice to see a larger, more diverse, trendier selection like those in the smaller sections, but it's a much better start than the last heap of mess I saw them do. I wish the models were a little bit thicker, but they are "plus-size" so that's good at least.

Here are my top picks:

 The skull tee with the rocker chick skinny jeans is edgy and I like it
I'm all about the bodycon dresses. Loving this one.
 This shirt is so cute for work. I like the white contrast and the light blue color.

I have been searching for a leopard cardigan forever. At $17.95, I think this might be THE ONE!
What do you think about H&M's plus size line? Did they get close to getting it right this time? Will you be purchasing?

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