Friday, August 30, 2013

Rebel Wilson Featured in Cosmo

I was reading the September issue of Cosmo magazine when I was delighted to see Rebel Wilson featured in an interview and in photos. I LOVE Rebel. She is HILARIOUS. I want us to hang out (Call me girl!). In my head my celebrity entourage would be Beyonce, Rebel Wilson and Ryan Seacrest. How eclectic and wrong and oh-so-right is my crew? Beyonce and I are both Virgos (we da best *in my DJ Khaled voice*) and she's freaking Beyonce. Nuff said. Rebel is just funny as hell. And Ryan Seacrest and I would go shopping and get mani-pedis and dish celebrity gossip. 

Anyway, back to the subject. Rebel has a new TV show debuting this fall called, Rebel’s Super Fun Night. It premieres October 2nd at 9:30pm EST on ABC. I will have to check it out. In the meantime check out this great interview over at Cosmo
Image Credits: Cosmopolitan

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