Monday, November 25, 2013

Outfit of the Week 11.25.13

In love with this orange dress. Bright colors look great on my skin tone and I'm loving the way this dress pops. The fit and flare silhouette is very flattering and the gold belt detail gives it that next level style. This dress is great for the office or a night out. I paired it with tan booties and gold jewelry.
I got the dress  at Ross Dress for Less, but ASOS has a similar dress on sale for $35!

The booties are from Ross as well, but DSW has a similar style. I love the cutout necklace, but I forget where i got it. Forever 21 has a similar one. And similar earrings from Claire's.

Thanks again to Crystal McMoore for the lovely photos.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Husbands of the Week: The Men of The Best Man Holiday

The long awaited sequel to The Best Man came out last weekend and I was right there in the theater. Such a great movie. But, one can't mention the movie without talking about the eye candy. Can I just say I have LOVED Morris Chestnut since Boyz N the Hood? THAT MAN IS FOINE! This movie has eye candy for all tastes. Enjoy the men of The Best Man Holiday for your viewing pleasure.

Morris Chestnut

Taye Diggs

Terrence Howard

Eddie Cibrian

Harold Perrineau

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

TwentyFour20 Designs by Allison McGevna Has Launched

Allison McGevna is one of my favorite plus-size fashion bloggers. She is gorgeous and has great style. She has taken the step of launching her own fashion line! Congrats to her. It's called TwentyFour20 Designs and it is FIERCE. Here's what Allison had to say about her line:
"The line is truly an extension of my personal style aesthetic and everything has really evolved with organically. I know a lot of bloggers and models are launching lines so it's been exciting to be a part of.

Right now I am carrying sizes 1X-3X but I am expanding to carry 0-4X. I'm also extremely proud of the fact that everything is made and manufactured in the USA, so it's jobs for Americans in a time when Lord knows we need them. I also use very high-quality fabrics, including organic bamboo jersey and cotton whenever I can."
 Here are my favorite pieces from the collection. LOVE!

Sugar and Spice Dress

Take No Prisoners Dress

Troublemaker Dress


Confident While Plus Size: Part One

Image Credit:

I've had several people ask me how I got my confidence. Trust me, it did NOT come overnight. Let me just say I wasn't always as confident as I am now. Don't get me wrong I have my insecure days and moments just like anyone else, but the majority of the time can't nobody tell me ish about how fabulous I am. I don't mean that in a cocky or arrogant way, I mean that in a I'm a good person and I feel that I am worthy and beautiful inside and out. In other words, why not me? I work hard every day to be the best human being I can possibly be and to do the right thing and THAT in itself makes me feel pretty awesome. But, even though I'm not at my goal weight, I am finally happy in my skin the large majority of the time. With that said, I wasn't always this confident. In fact, I had low self esteem all of my childhood and didn't start to feel OK with me until I was in my early 20s. I always thought I was a good person. I had strong morals and values and was a fun person to be around, but I HATED the way I looked. I want to share my story with you all in hopes that it will help someone get to their confident place.

Society is constantly telling us women we ain't shit. I mean really. We should crawl in a hole and die if we are overweight, have even one wrinkle, don't have make-up on, don't have long hair, and the list goes on. If you don't look like the chicks in the magazines you are hideous! At least that's the message we are bombarded with on the regular. But, chicks like me should have NO confidence at all because I am fat, Black AND dark skin. That's right, I'm what society says is the least desirable woman in the world. I have read study after the study, article after article over the years that say Black woman are last choice. Everyone else is more desirable and worthy than us. Men don't want us, I mean don't all of us have four baby daddy's, have bad attitudes, love to twerk and are on welfare? I mean, that's the message I see in the media ALL DAY EVERYDAY. Ratchet, ratchet, ratchet. And since colorism, especially in the Black community, is still alive and well, dark skin ain't in. If it ain't light it ain't right. So, I've been bombarded with the message all my life from society, the media and sadly people I know, that being a dark skin, overweight Black woman makes me on the bottom of the totem pole.
Senior Prom

Luckily I had an amazing mother who constantly told me I was worthy and I was beautiful. I had awesome family and friends who would tell me the same thing, but yet I still felt UGLY. I wanted to be light skin, I wanted to be thin, I wanted long flowing hair like my cousins, I wanted a more girly voice...I wanted to be everything I was not. And kids can be cruel. We lived in Philly in an all Black neighborhood until I was 8. There, I was ridiculed by the boys telling me I was too dark. All the light skinned girls got all the male attention while they constantly told me how ugly I was. When we moved to the all White suburb of Jenkintown I was ridiculed for being fat in the beginning. Plus, I had to deal with the culture shock and not fitting in. Ironically, the White kids at school would tell me how beautiful my skin tone was, but I still hated it. I didn't see anyone on TV or in magazines that looked like me. The closest was Queen Latifah, but when I was growing up she wasn't the fabulous fashion icon that she is now. The few Black women who were plus size on TV and in movies were usually the butt of the jokes. In addition, there weren't the plus size fashion choices that there are now, especially in juniors sizes. It was hard to be a fashion diva back then. Not feeling good in your clothes doesn't help ones self-esteem.
Me and my mom

I was always confident in who I was as a person, but who I was on the outside was a different story. I suffered from comparison syndrome, meaning I compared myself to all my girlfriends. Why do they get all the boys? Why can't I look like them? Why am I the ugly girl in the group? I'm not pretty enough. I'm too fat. I'm too dark. That's how I always felt. It didn't help that my best friend was a size 0; I think she is now a size 3 haha (love you Maxine!). But, I always compared myself to everyone else instead of realizing everyone comes in all shapes and sizes. Low self-esteem caused me to make cringe worthy choices when it came to men. I dated men I knew good and damn well weren't even close to worthy of me. I was an honor student in high school and college, was ambitious, career focused, goody-two-shoes, over achiever who had never been in trouble, never drank until I was 21, never touched a cigarette or a drug yet I was dating these guys who were the complete opposite. Why? Because in the back of my mind I didn't think I could do better. I didn't think anyone awesome would want me. After all, dark skin overweight Black women are at the bottom of the barrel we gotta take what we can get. That's how I felt.

Me and Maxine, mentioned above, getting ready for Junior prom
Then I had an epiphany in my early 20s. I started to actually believe everything my mom, family and close friends has always been telling me. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. I am just as worthy as anyone else and most importantly I. AM. ME. No one else can say they are me. I am unique and I am beautiful. I have what no one else has...I have ME.That's when my journey towards self-confidence began.

Part Two coming soon...

Monday, November 18, 2013

Outfit of the Week: 11.18.13

If you remember my post a few weeks back I mentioned I needed this bodycon leopard dress from Forever 21. I purchased it and have been dying to wear it. This dress is the perfect look for girls night out or date night!

I styled it with black rhinestone cross earrings, gold bow bracelet, gold bow ring, cage pump sandals and a cute wool jacket. A red lipstick would be hot with this as would red pumps. And don't forget the spanx...a must lol.

The ruffle detail is what makes this dress really stand out.

Shoes are from Ross, but you can find similar styles anywhere.

Earrings are from Forever 21, Bracelet from Versona

 Thank you Crystal McMoore for the FABULOUS photos! Star photographer in the making!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I Need That: MYNT 1792

I love the entire collection from MYNT 1792, but this sheer leopard blouse and wine velveteen pant ensemble really caught my eye. Now that I have to dress all corporate for work I am constantly on the look out for pieces that are still trendy and can take me from work to night to weekend to date get the point. I need my wardrobe to be versatile for several occasions. I think this outfit is perfect! I can rock this to work with a blazer or cardigan and take the blazer off for a night out with the girls or a date.

The back of this shirt though!!!!! She better work that lace!

If you haven't discovered MYNT 1792 yet, you must check out their collection. Their jackets are too die for!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Product Review: dENiZEN® from the Levi’s® brand Curvy Skinny Jeans

Hey Curvy Divas! I am doing my first product review on the dENiZEN® from the Levi’s® brand Curvy Skinny. I received the jeans courtesy of  dENiZEN® from the Levi’s® brand, however this review is MY OWN OPINION! And I must say these jeans are on point!

I have always had issues finding jeans that have just the right amount of stretch in them where they hug my curves, but don't get super loose by the end of the day. I've also always struggled to find jeans that hit me perfectly where I want them to at the ankle and aren't too long. In addition, it is very hard to find skinny jeans that aren't too baggy at the ankle. LADIES, these jeans solve all of those problems. When I say I was running around doing errands, cooking, hosting a party AND walked miles at the state fair and these jeans were still hugging my curves with no sagginess!!! SOLD! I'll take three pair. Me being apple shaped makes it hard to find jeans that are big enough in the waist, but not too big in the hips and legs. The stretch in these jeans are great that no matter what your shape these jeans will hug you in the right places all day long.

 Here's a run down on the jeans:
  • I am wearing the size 18 and I am 5'5" for reference.
  • They are sold exclusively through Target
  • They come in size 2-18 and in short, regular and long
  • They are only $27.99!!!!
  • It also comes in bootcut
  • Two fits: Regular and Curvy
Like these jeans? Let them know! Follow dENiZEN® from the Levi’s® brand on Facebook and Twitter

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Outfit of the Week: 11.6.2013

I know I've been horrible getting outfits up, but I switched jobs and don't really know anyone at my new job yet. I feel weird just going HEY! Can you take a pic of me! lol. My friend at my old job used to take most of my pics (I miss you Tracy!). I promise more pics coming soon as I have been killing the corporate look at my new job lol. I feel grown and sophisticated haha.

Anyway, this is my FAVORITE sexy bodycon dress. No one can tell me I'm not Beyonce when I'm rocking this dress. My friends know it as my Donnie Wahlberg dress lol. I bought it from Fashion to Figure originally for the NKOTB concert this summer because I had to look FLY for my boo Donnie. And its a good thing I did get this dress as I ended up being face to freaking face with Donnie Wahlberg!! Ahhh, I'll save that story for another post. Anywho, I wore this dress for a recent girls night out and it still gets the job done!

My exact dress is no longer available, but they have a similar one here.
Don't forget the shapewear! I have Spanx power shaper on underneath.

Are you rocking bodycons well into the Fall and Winter?

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Husband of the Week: Eminem

It's been a minute since I've done a husband of the week, but since one of my top 10 husbands, Eminem, has an album out today I thought it would be fitting to feature him this week. Heeeeeeeeey Em. Call me. He had me at "Hi, My Name is...". Anyway, some people don't find him sexy, but I do. I know I'm not the only one! And now that he's grown and has a stylist, I'm REALLY loving him. For those of you who also have a weakness for bad boys like myself...without further ado...Mr. Marshall Mathers.

Image Credit: FactMag
Image Credit: Billboard
Image Credit: Vibe that a smile??? 

Monday, November 4, 2013

I Need That: Sole Society Laser Cut Satchel

While sitting in the car dealer getting my car fixed for THREE DAMN HOURS this weekend, I had more than enough time to finally peruse through the November issue of People StyleWatch. The fashion fabulouness was in full effect in this issue, but my favorite piece I came across has to be the Camille Laser Cut Satchel from SoleSociety.

OMG!!! I have to have this bag! It comes in Black and Luggage and is only $69.95. The bag style along with the laser cut detail has me SOLD! This bag will easily carry you through your everyday life this fall. It switches from a top handle to a crossbody easily, which is perfect for adapting to various out and about situations. Sometimes I wanna be extra bougie and wear my purse on my wrist and sometimes I need to be hands-free and can't be bothered.

This is the first time I've ever heard of Sole Society and their selection is amazing. Check them out.

Have you gotten your fall handbag yet?
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