Thursday, December 12, 2013

Target Awesome Shop

The geniuses at Target have created a site called Target Awesome Shop that shows the most pinned Target items from Pinterest and the top reviewed items from all on one page. UMMM YES PLEASE!!! I'm gonna let you finish Walmart, but Target is THE GREATEST STORE OF ALL TIME!! (In my Kanye voice).

I literally could live in Target. I get lost in Target for hours. I love great design and aesthetics and low prices so Target is the store version of myself. But, it's a huge store. Sometimes it can be overwhelming and you don't get to see everything. Plenty of times my girl Becca would come to work in some fab clothing and she's like I got this at Target last week. I'm like I was just in Target and I didn't see that!

Target is changing the game! How great of an idea is this site? You get to see the best of Target all on one visually fabulous page. I can easily scan the page and find fantastical items I may have missed just by browsing the site or the store. Browsing thousands of items? Ain't nobody got time for that. This makes browsing much more effective and less time consuming.

Here are my fav finds from today:

Pave Bracelet

2 Door Buffet

Cheers Glass

Bib Necklace

Mesh Dress (up to XXL)

Check out the Target Awesome Shop
Read more at TechCrunch
Let me know if the site allows you to find some fabulous items.

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