Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Husband of the Week: Superbowl Edition

Ladies, if you aren't a diehard football fan like myself, below are some FINE ASS reasons to watch and pay attention to the Super Bowl. Sexy, sweaty, fit men in form fitting clothing...what's not to love?

I've found for you some of the sexiest players from the two teams fighting for the trophy on Sunday...The Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks in case you missed it.


Who's sexier? Peyton Manning or Russell Wilson?

Broncos arriving in NJ

 Eric Decker DAMN

Seahawks' Golden Tate

Broncos' Wes Welker

Image Credits: ESPN, NFL, Men's Fitness, Green Lake Jewelry

Will you be watching the Super Bowl? Any fellow sportsnistas out there?

Monday, January 27, 2014

I Need That: Fashion to Figure Floral Peplum Dress

Single's Awareness Day AKA Valentine's Day is just around the corner (YAY! in my sarcastic voice). Whether you'll be boo'd up with your significant other or you'll be out with your single girlfriends drinking wine and whining about being single (like moi), you'll still need to look sexy regardless. This dress is the way to DO.IT. I want to be over the peplum trend, but I'm not. I can't help it. It's so darn flattering and cute. This black floral print peplum dress from Fashion to Figure is giving me life! You can never have too many LBDs. And the gold belt (sold separately) really gives it that extra oomph.

What do you think?

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Award Show Fab: Mary Lambert at the Grammy's

Mary Lambert brought down the house singing Same Love with my boo Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. She also represented big girls RIGHT with her amazingly fabulous red floor length sequin gown. I am in LOVE with this dress! Grammy week is full of events throughout the week and Mary looked stylish at all of them. Peep her Grammy weekend looks.

 I'd totally wear this. How comfy does this look?

Love this dress she rocked on the red carpet. I wanna know what bra she has on?

Image credits: Getty, Wireimage

Which look is your fav?

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New Arrivals: Monif C

Monif C has once again proven she is the baddest plus size designer in the game! These new arrivals are EVERYTHING. I'm digging the bold black and white contrasts, houndstooth and sexy silhouettes. I love everything she puts out and these looks are BAD. You are guaranteed to be the baddest chick in the room when rocking anything from this collection. Below are my favorites but check out all of the new arrivals over at Monif C.

Monif C Sheer Dress

Monif C Peplum

Monif C faith

Monif C Whitley Dress

I Need That: Pyramid Collection Shawl Cowl Tunic

I was researching something else and came across this amazing sweater coat tunic thingy by Pyramid Collection. It's so unique and fun and different! I love it! I've never heard of this site before but I'm happy I stumbled upon it. I love the detailing and how it changes patterns and has an asymmetrical zipper. I need to get this jacket sweater ASAP. This site gets it. Fashion is fabulous at any size. This sweater comes in sizes 6 to 28!

Are you feeling this shawl sweater?

Peter Pilotto for Target Lookbook

Photo Credit: Fashionista/Courtesy

Target has teamed up with Peter Pilotto for its next designer collaboration set to debut on February 9th and Fashionista.com has the lookbook. I have to say I was not familiar with Peter Pilotto before hearing about the Target match up. But, I do love the clothes and they are affordable. Below are my 3 favorite looks:

Now I'm about to get real. That ish I don't like is that as usual Target is not launching the collection in plus sizes. WHAT. THE. FUDGE? I can't find official confirmation, but I did find some people saying the collection will go up to size XXL, but will be junior sizing. I can fit some of the junior XXL from Target if it has some stretch to it, but I can't fit everything. This means if you are size 20 and up you won't be able to partake in the clothing. As usual we can only get the accessories, womp womp.

I don't understand why Target constantly ignores its plus size customers when doing the designer collaborations. If they properly advertised that these were in plus sizes do you know how quickly those sizes would sell out???? I don't know if the designers aren't interested in creating expanded sizes or if Target does not care, but either way they are out of pocket!

It's insulting enough that the plus size section is small AF and in the back corner of the store by the maternity clothing but we can't even get designer love? Target, you are my favorite store in life by far, but you are quickly falling on to my shit list. I had to get new credit cards due to your negligence, you think pregnant models belong in the bplus size section of your website, you make me shop in a corner with like 5 racks that blur with maternity and then you spend tons of money on rolling out designer collections and plus size ladies get NO LOVE.

What is it going to take to get these retailers to realize how much money they are losing by not catering to their plus size customers? SIGH.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Husband of the Week: Chris Evans

It's Celebrity Husband Humpday! Oh the irony. This blue eyed hottie is the fabulous Chris Evans. Chris Evans is so slept on! Like this man is FINE! And you rarely see him in magazines. This is a travesty. We need more of this fine specimen. I thoroughly enjoy him in the Captain America movies. I hear his more dramatic indie films are pretty good as well. I need to check those out. Meanwhile, check out these pics of him looking way too fine for words.
Image Credit: GQ

Chris is from Boston. That means he has a Boston accent that you can hear when he says certain words in movies and in interviews. This equals SWOON to me. I love Boston accents. Don't judge me.

Image Credit: Details
 Chris is rumored to be dating Minka Kelly. Sad face. I could of sworn he was dating me, but I digress.
Image Credit: Provocateuse
Image Credit: Provocateuse

Curvy Celeb of the Week: Adele

Image credits: Glamour
Adele looked amazing recently while being honored by Prince Charles. Her jacquard Stella McCartney dress is fabulous. I love that it's not black and it fits her so well. The Phillip Treacy lace headwear is a classy touch. I now need one of those. Well, I need somewhere to wear it to first.

Adele looks great after having her son. She looks like a porcelain doll. Her skin is flawless. I need her to come on out with some new music and stop these games. We need our "let's drink wine and man bash" music.

Do you like Adele's look?

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Outfit of the Week: Target Workwear

I had a big presentation to do at work today so I pulled out my grown woman clothes. I have had my eye on this white blazer at Target for months now. I was just waiting for a good clearance, as I don't pay full price for things ha. I have been scouring stores all season for the perfect sweater dress and this red one at Target caught my eye a few weeks ago. Again, I was just waiting for a good sale. So I was over the moon excited when I went to Target last week and almost the entire women's clothing section was 40-50% off! I scored these 2 pieces and a few other items for 50% off. Yessssssssssss.

I love this sweater dress. I had an epiphany a few weeks ago that 90% of my wardrobe is black. This made me sad on the inside. So, I have made it a point to buy more colors. I keep hearing that I look good in red, so I just had to get the red dress. The white blazer works for work, but also works for night. So chic. I was channeling my inner John Travolta (hey girl!). I had my co-worker take some pics in our drab conference room ha.

You can get the blazer here (sorry its not on sale online) and the dress here (it's on clearance!).

What do you think of the look?

I Need That: Love Culture Floral Wrap Dress

I just discovered Love Culture. It's along the lines of Fashion to Figure and Forever 21. I love their selection and it's good for the girl on a budget. This one-shoulder wrap dress caught my eye for several reasons.
  1. It's a nice bright floral print that's not tacky or grandma-ish. It makes me wish it were Spring!
  2. It's one-shoulder and I LOVE one-shoulder
  3. It's only $37.95!

What's not to love? The draping is so great for hiding any areas that you may want to hide. The emphasized waist is great for defining or showing off a waist. It's a very flattering dress perfect for those summer soirees and beach night parties. Get some cute open-toed pumps and any of the colors in the dress or a nude pump and you're good to go. Get it here.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Queen Latifah On the Cover of Good Housekeeping

When I was 11-years-old rocking out to Queen Latifah's U.N.I.T.Y. I never in a million years would have thought I'd see her on the cover of Good Housekeeping magazine. Queen Latifah is DOING.HER.THING. She has come a long way from Newark, NJ and I hope she continues to do big things.

Image Credit: Good Housekeeping

Queen is looking amazing as usual on this cover. This cover should be a big deal. For one, I hardly ever see women of color on the cover of this magazine let alone a curvier one, unless its Oprah which don't count. She's Oprah. She runs the show lol. In the issue Queen talks loving yourself, faith, and  gets deep talking about her battles with alcohol (who knew?) and reveals she was molested by a babysitter. She is such a great example of started from the bottom now we here. Truly an inspiration.

Read the full story at Good Housekeeping.

What is Plus Size?

I came across this article in the Huffington Post talking about a subject that originally appeared in Plus Model Magazine. What is plus size and are plus size models too small? Many companies use models size 10-14 to model their plus size clothes and with models standing a statuesque 5'9" and up usually, these ladies don't look like what most women consider plus size. To put it in perspective, the average woman in America is 5'4" and size 14. This looks dramatically different than 5'9" size 14. Many women can't get an idea of how they would look in the clothing when the models are so much smaller than they are. If you are a size 20 and up looking at Crystal Renn (pictured below) is not going to give you a good idea of how those jeans will fit on you.
Crystal Renn, Image Credit: Harper's Bazaar

Plus Model Magazine did an experiment to help SWAK designs pic the photo for their next ad.  They showed the same model but in Pic A her curves were boldly on display and in Pic B she was in all black and covered up masking her figure.
Image Credit: Plus Model Mag

They were shocked to find readers were split down the middle by what they felt looked better. They expected Pic A to win overwhelmingly. Overall, women want to see more models size 16 and up, but many companies aren't getting the message. This reminds me of when I worked in the marketing department at a major retail  that sold plus sizes (*hint* they went out of business a couple of years ago but their sister brand is still a leader in the industry) and I used to FIGHT and I mean KNOCK DOWN DRAG OUT ARGUMENTS with the creative director (a guy) who REFUSED to use models over a size 14. I even did research and presented him with evidence and a proposal that models over a size 14 do exist, are gorgeous and our customers want to see them in the clothes. He used to claim there were no good models over a size 14 to choose from *Rolls Eyes*. Needless to say he didn't care about my proposal and continued booking size 12s and 14s. The samples were size 18, pinning those clothes to fit the models at shoots was fun to say the least. Anywho, he would also make fun of big women all the time like it was funny. I stayed giving him the side eye.

My point is too many ignorant people at the top at these companies are making decisions based on their own biases and not based on what their customers actually want. There are a lot of skinny women and a lot of men who neither have NO IDEA what it's like to be a plus size woman and they are making decisions for her.

What do you think? Do you want to see bigger models? Do you feel they would help with confidence and with seeing how something will fit? Would love to hear your thoughts. 

Read the full article at Huffington Post and Plus Model Magazine.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Fashionable Plus Size Activewear

Source: Lane Bryant

Let's face it, activewear for plus sizes has been slim pickings in the past. I'm happy the industry is finally making cute activewear in plus sizes that doesn't look like things grandmas wear to Jazzercise. If you're like the millions of people who have made their New Years Resolution to lose weight and get fit, then you're gonna need some activewear for those days at the gym. Who says you can't be cute and fly while working out? I've pulled together the top stores that sell cute, trendy and fun activewear styles in plus sizes.

1. Lane Bryant
Lane Bryant has a pretty cute activewear collection out right now. I love the bright neon colors and cute silhouttes. This colorblock track jacket is one of my favs. Plus, they have great sports bras that hold the girls in place.

2. Always for Me
I get my swimsuits from Always for Me, but they are more than just swimsuits. They also have a nice activewear collection that has unique styles I haven't seen elsewhere. This open back yoga top is super cute!

3. Old Navy
I think I have 7 pairs of Old Navy sweatpants and performance leggings and I've lost count of the number of cute compression tanks I have from them. The pictured compression tank being my FAV. Not only does it have support for the boobage, but its so cute with the balloon silhouette and drawstring and it hides your stomach.

4. Athleta
I had no idea Athleta had plus sizes. The selection is small, but they have some good quality items. How cute is that cowlneck shirt?

5. Simply Be
I love Simply Be. They have such trendy and cutting edge fashions. Their activewear collection is no exception. Loving this activewear set seen above.

Did I miss some good stores? Leave a comment and let me know!
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