Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Husband of the Week: Chris Evans

It's Celebrity Husband Humpday! Oh the irony. This blue eyed hottie is the fabulous Chris Evans. Chris Evans is so slept on! Like this man is FINE! And you rarely see him in magazines. This is a travesty. We need more of this fine specimen. I thoroughly enjoy him in the Captain America movies. I hear his more dramatic indie films are pretty good as well. I need to check those out. Meanwhile, check out these pics of him looking way too fine for words.
Image Credit: GQ

Chris is from Boston. That means he has a Boston accent that you can hear when he says certain words in movies and in interviews. This equals SWOON to me. I love Boston accents. Don't judge me.

Image Credit: Details
 Chris is rumored to be dating Minka Kelly. Sad face. I could of sworn he was dating me, but I digress.
Image Credit: Provocateuse
Image Credit: Provocateuse

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