Monday, May 26, 2014

How to Still Be Cute in Hot Weather: Hygiene

Ummmmm, Its John Blaze hot outside. I don't know where all y'all live, but here in North Carolina we've already hit the 90s a few times. I had the pleasure of being in Phoenix, AZ last week for work and although the city was beautiful it was HOT AS HELL! When I stepped my toe off the plane it was 104 degrees. WTF!!?? Where they do that at? No ma'am. If you know me then you know I do not like to be hot and sweaty unless I'm exercising. I mean, how do you preserve your sexy as Diddy would say when you're a sweaty, stinking, hot mess?

That got me to thinking...what are not only some cute pieces that will keep you feeling cool, but also some key hygiene items every curvy girl needs for the summer. Let's start with the hygiene and personal care items, because I don't care how cute your outfit is if you stank its not cute boo.

Must-Have Stay Cute Hygiene & Personal Care Items for Summer 

  • Chafing gel. Ladies, we all know about the dreaded chub rub. Yes, it sucks. It's part of the reason I loathe wearing shorts that aren't at least bermuda length and short skirts that are too short for my Spanx.  But, I've discovered they have chafing gel that you rub on your inner thighs, or wherever you need it, and it stops friction. I will be purchasing this week so I can't vouch for this personally, but I've heard it works!
  • Baby Powder. Dab some good old baby powder on those areas that get super sweaty (i.e. under the boobage) and it does wonders to keep you dry.
  • Body Spray. I like body spray in the summer to keep me smelling good during the day. It just feels lighter and gives you a nice hint of smelling good. I've been killing the Warm Vanilla Sugar one from Bath and Body Works.
  • Sunscreen. This a must have for summer. No one wants skin cancer or to be burnt up and peeling. Not cute. Yes, I'm dark skinned and yes, I do wear 75 SPF when frolicking in the sun. I plays no games. I also use the Neutrogena Face Lotion with 15 SPF everyday, year-round.
  • Shave. I always feel so much fresher, cleaner and drier when I keep up with my shaving even though its a pain in the ass. Shave the areas in which you feel comfortable, but trust me, it helps. I'm obsessed with Venus Oil of Olay razor. Prefer waxing? I highly recommend European Wax Center. Locations throughout the U.S..
Did I miss any tips? Please share!!

Check back tomorrow for key pieces to have you looking fly and cool this summer

Image Credit:, Bath & Body Works

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