Friday, August 8, 2014

Real Talk: Making Friends in Adulthood

Let's be real. Its mad easy to meet people as an adolescent. You mix and mingle in school have your clique of friends, or your BFF and your always around people of your age. Your bound to find at least one person you have enough in common with who doesn't work your nerves. You get to college and its the same...surrounded by your peers making it easier to find at least one person you click with. But, in adulthood, its not so easy.

I have moved twice since I left Philly 6 years ago. I did the NJ/NYC thing and now I'm in NC. Both were big scary moves and this meant moving away from my friends. I have a few friends from childhood that are my ride or dies and I have my friends I've made in adulthood. Almost all of those adult friends I made at jobs. When I moved to NC I was so upset because that meant starting over meeting people in my new city. I still can call my girls back in the northeast and see them once or twice a year, but nothing beats having at least one person to go out and do things with on a regular basis. From what I've found MANY people are in the same boat as I, with almost every person I've met in NC being from another state and they've expressed how hard it is to meet new people and make friendships. Transplants unite! So, what's a fabulous introverted social butterfly like myself supposed to do??

If you're like me and craving human contact and like to get out and do things, here are some options for you. And YES some of these may sound intimidating, but if I can do it so can you. I'm an introvert with social anxiety and I've done everything on this list at least once.

  • - THE website for doing stuff and meeting people. When I say there is literally a group for everyone and there are groups all over the US, I mean why not? And if you don't see a group you want, create your own. Its free to join most groups and the ones that do have dues its usually like $12 a year. I've joined several groups and have gone to several events and had fun (well mostly...I'll save my story for another post) and it's good to meet people and do something you enjoy.
  • Sportsvite - I came across this site one day when I was Googling finding people to workout with. This site is great for finding workout buddies or organized sports leagues in your area. I've met a couple of people off of here and burned some calories playing sports!
  • Work - Many people become friends with their coworkers and many don't. When I came to my current job, my team members didn't even have each other's cell numbers!  I had everyone's number by my second week. Now they all do and we've gone out many times and had a ball. I also organize team happy hours or if I have a meeting with someone who seems cool I will mention we should hang out sometime or do lunch. That's a great way to get to know people outside of work. Many of my closest friends stemmed from work relationships.
  • Out and About - You may meet a friend in the strangest of places the same way love may come calling in the aisle of a Walmart. One of my friends I made here in NC is the nurse from my Allergist office. I used to come in once a week for allergy shots (I have the worst allergies ever) and we'd chat and we hit it off. We friended each other on Facebook made plans to hang out and the rest is history.
  • Facebook - Don't sleep on the groups on Facebook. There are tons of groups on Facebook for any topic you can think of. I'm in a few Natural hair groups, dating groups, fashion groups, etc. As I mentioned in my previous post, I met the last guy I dated on Facebook in a dating group. If you're having great dialogue with some people in a group and they don't live far from you, ask about meeting up offline.
I'll be creating a post to piggyback on this topic about when its time to let a friend go and to know when a situation isn't for you.

 What are some ways you've met friends in your adult life?

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Travel Chic: How to be Fashionable While Traveling

Travel Chic Image

I've done more traveling in the last year than, like, ever. My job has had me traveling the country and my personal life has me doing the same. I've almost become a pro at packing and airport antics, but most importantly I've finally figured out the perfect combo of pieces to wear to have me comfortable and fly.

Here are my 6 rules for a good travel outfit:

  • Must have pockets. I need to be able to access my boarding pass, ticket, photo ID with ease. I hate digging in my purse every 5 minutes.
  • Must be comfortable. If I'm on a long flight or driving a ways I of course want to be comfortable.
  • Must have layers. Planes are COLD AF! Even my cardigan was not getting me through one of my flights. But, layering is good so if its hot you can undress and if its cold you can add. Plus, you may be going from cold weather to hot weather and vice versa (check the weather forecast). 
  • Must be cute. I don't need to be sexy, but I do need to look cute. You will be out in public around a bunch of folk so its good to look your best. Plus, there just might be a fine ass single man in the seat next to you, I'm just saying (heeeey boo).
  • Minimal make-up. A little concealer and lip gloss and keep it moving. I don't have time to be checking how my make-up is looking and I don't want too much on since it may get ruined while sleeping. But, I don't want to look a hot mess either.
  • Small jewelry. Besides the fact that your big ass gold chain may set-off the metal detector, its also just annoying trying to sleep and get comfortable with some large hoop earrings and chunky necklace. Keep it small and basic.

Peep these pieces below that are great for mixing and matching on your next trip.

ASOS New Look Inspire Midi Cardigan

ASOS Cardigan
This cardigan is lightweight, flowy and oh so comfy cozy. Perfect for traveling AND layering.

Old Navy Rockstar Jeans

Old Navy Jean

I LOVE how the rockstar jeans fit. I have several pair in various washes and styles. They hug curves perfectly and are uber comfy.

Custom Plus Parental Advisory Tee

Custom Plus Tee

What I love about Custom Plus is you can get any top in tank, tee, crop, etc. Make this shirt your own!

Boohoo Amanda Midi Dress

This bodycon has a looser fit with allows room to move around and its midi length means you can bend over and reach overhead freely.

Footzyfolds Stella Flats

Have you heard of Footzyfolds? They make comfy shoes that fold up for taking anywhere. I bought a pair like these for my trip to Vegas and chiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiild boo these shoes are on point! They are so freaking comfortable and perfect for rolling up and taking with you in your purse for a night out when you are in heels and your feet start to scream.

Stylish Backpacks

I normally always have my backpack with me when I travel because its easy hands free transit. I am elated that stylish backpacks are in. Target has a fabulous assortment for every style!

What's your go-to piece when you travel?

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