Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Dress Barn is that Hot Ish For Spring, No Really!

I'm not going to lie. I hated Dress Barn. Why? Because their clothes are for old ladies and school marms...or so I thought. Dress Barn done gone and got fly on me. I came across an article on Huffington Post talking about how nice the new Spring items are at Dress Barn. I was like waaaahhh?? I just had to check it out for myself. And boy was I surprised. The Spring items I see on their site I'm loving. I shall be hitting up my local Dress Barn, once I find out where one is.

Just look at this spread below. This ain't yo mommas Dress Barn honey. I like their brand roz & ALI. Very current.

1. roz & ALI Plus Size Cargo Pants

 2. roz & ALI Aztec Print Jacket

3. Plus Size Colorblock Fit & Flare Dress

4. Plus Size Mixed Stitch Sweater

5.  Plus Size Dot Chevron Dress

Y'all feeling these looks?  Shop Dress Barn Plus Sizes

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