Thursday, February 26, 2015

Product Review of Dia and Co Styling Service

Have you heard of Dia & Co? I hadn't heard of them when I was asked by one of its founders to give it a try.

So what is Dia & Co? Your own personal stylist from home for plus size women sizes 10 and up. What I mean by personal stylist is you fill out a style profile on their website, takes about 5 minutes. You will then get a personal phone call from a stylist at Dia & Co. They will ask you a few more questions about yourself to make sure they fully understand your style, needs and budget. You will need to provide your credit card info in order to pay the $20 fee. This fee is credited towards any purchase you make. If you decide not to buy you will be charged the $20 styling fee. And nope, you never pay shipping.

They will then pick out some good quality designer pieces and mail them to your door.  Once you receive your box, you go through and pick out what you love and what you're not feeling. Next, log-on to the website and rate your items so they know what people really like or hate. You then mail back any items you don't want with the mailing label and package provided. The items you love you keep and you will be charged the price of those items (which are clearly spelled out for you on your invoice) minus the $20 fee.

How simple is that?

My Experience

So I received 5 items about 2 weeks after I spoke with them. I was surprised to find well known brands in my box like one of my favs, Jessica Simpson. I have to say Lydia was pretty spot on with my style based on our discussion and my profile. I loved everything in my box except a shirt that had a pattern I wasn't feeling. But, I tried everything on as you never know how much you like or hate something until you do. I only ended up keeping a pair of black Jessica Simpson ponte knit skinny pants (which I wear to death!). I fell in love with a fuchsia blazer, but it fit me weird, bummer.

I recommend checking Dia & Co out. Who has time to shop these days? And don't we all secretly want our own stylist? And the fact that they specialize in sizes 10 and up is fabulous. What's to lose? Unlike those popular subscription services, you're not opted in to receiving and paying for a box every month. If you get your first box and hate it then don't ask for another box. If you love it? Order another box! BOOM.

I know you're going to check it out so when you fill out your profile and talk with your stylist make sure to tell them Tiara R sent you! Get your box

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